The Pilot Centre is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide training for the Modular Commercial Pilot Licence. Before you can start the course you must have a PPL, a night rating*, commercial theory exams and 150 hours flying experience.

The course consists of:

  • 25 hours flying of which 5 must be on a complex type.

If you have no experience on a complex aircraft you should expect to do 15 hours of the 25 on the complex type. We use the Cessna 182R for the complex training.

ExperienceMinimum Instruction
 > 1000hrsMin 7 hrs (18 hrs credit)
 > 500-999hrsMin 10 hrs (15 hrs credit)
 > 250-499hrsMin 15 hrs (10 hrs credit)
 > 185-249hrsMin 20 hrs (5 hrs credit)
 > 155-184hrsMin 25 hrs (no credit)

If you are interested in a CPL please arrange to meet with Eva Ceh.

*If you do not have a night rating this can be flown on the course but increases the course length to 30 hours.