Aircraft Rental

If you want to rent our aircraft you will need to: Join as a full flying member. On joining and every six months thereafter, have a competency check flight or "dual check" with one of our instructors.

This is quite straightforward and usually consists of your demonstrating stalling recoveries, practice forced landings, steep turns, local area navigation and some circuit work. The flight is designed to be as much an opportunity to meet and try us out as it is to measure your ability. Normally lasting an hour the dual check is charged at a training rate. If you are new to Denham, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the standard procedures.

Once the dual check has been completed satisfactorily you must remain current by flying as captain at least once every 30 days. If you have not flown for more than four weeks, a simple and brief circuit check will be required.

As a flying club we have a varied membership, and we encourage pilots to fly together. So if the social events are of interest or you would like someone to fly with contact us.